AGLAYMA is an association of nature loving and socially conscious citizens with a mission to keep the island's coastline clean.

AGLAYMA members and volunteers dedicate their time and effort to making La Gomera a paragon of cleanliness, organizing fun, spontaneous events that combine effective direct action with the enjoyment and satisfaction of contributing to the conservation of the island's natural beauty and environment.

Since its inception AGLAYMA's focus has been first and foremost a practical one, centering its efforts on cleaning up beaches that have built up large amounts of waste because they are hard or impossible to reach overland.

Yet the association's aim is not just to keep the beaches clean, but to stop the island from producing plastic waste. To do that, we seek to spread awareness among all the residents and visitors of the importance of disposing of plastic responsibly through our educational consciousness-raising projects.

People who take part in our beach-cleaning activities tell us how much personal satisfaction it gives them. The pleasure of participating in an eco-friendly good cause is the formula offered by AGLAYMA - the initials in Spanish of the Gomera Association for the Cleanliness of Soul and Environment.

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